Maryam Ziaei

1498797_682499421794329_484544210_oI am a PhD student looking at neural mechanisms involved in emotional processes with advancing age. I have two lines of research, one is the attentional biases toward emotional items and second is about the emotional facial recognition, in late adulthood.

In my first project, I have looked at how emotional/neutral distractors during encoding of emotionally-valence targets influence the memory of these targets in order to identify whether age-related shift in processing emotional items rely on cognitive control or automatic processes. I have used eye-tracker and fMRI in order to look at this effect.

Another line of research which I am working on is the neural mechanisms underlying emotion and gaze interaction as a function of age. I have been looking at how older adults relative to younger process different cues, such as emotions and gazes, from faces. The main focus of this project is to understand whether the networks engaging in processing different emotions change as a function of age.

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