Congrats Joyce, Ottmar, Roger, and Stefanie — A NEW AP&P PAPER!

Congrats to Joyce, Ottmar, Roger and Stefanie for geting a paper published in Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics: Vromen, JMG, Lipp, OV, Remington, RW, & Becker, SI (2016). Threat captures attention, but not automatically: Top-down goals modulate attentional orienting to threat distractors. doi: 10.3758/s13414-016-1142-3

High Commendation for Aimee’s first poster ever — a good start!

Congratulations to Aimee Martin, who has received a High Commendation for her very first poster at this year’s post-grad conference at UQ. That’s very impressive, given that we had over 70 presenters, and that Aimee was mainly concentrated on her coursework and Honours thesis. Great work, Aimee!

Congratulations to Maryam for the runner-up prize for the UQ post-grad awards!

Congratulations to Maryam Ziaei for getting the runner-up prize in this year’s post-grad awards. A notable achievement. You rock, Maryam!

Congrats Josef and Dirk on getting a prestigious Swiss National Grant!!

Congratulations to Josef Schoenhammer and Dirk Kerzel from the University of Geneva on getting a $291,000 grant from the SNF (Switzerland National Fond). We hope that it will be *necessary* for Josef to spend some of his time at UQ again! 😉

Stef is now an Associate Editor for JEP-HPP

Thanks to Jim Enns for offering Stefanie the position of Associate Editor for the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance. This is one of Stef’s favourite journals!!

Congrats Maryam, Julie, Bill and Stefanie — A new PLoS ONE Paper!

Congrats to Maryam, Julie, Bill and Stef for geting a paper published in PLoS ONE: Ziaei, M., von Hippel, W., Henry, J.D., & Becker, S.I. (in press). Are age effects in positivity influenced by the value of distractors? PLoS ONE. Great work!

New B-REAL Paper in QJEP: Congrats, James, Stef and Roger!

Congratulations to James, Stef and Roger for getting another paper accepted in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology: Retell, J.D., Becker, S.I., & Remington, R.W. (in press). An effective attentional set for a specific color does not prevent capture by infrequently presented motion distractors. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.

Congratulations to Joyce for being awarded the GSITA award to visit NYU!

Congratulations to Joyce for being awarded the UQ Graduate School International Travel Award (GSITA)! She will spend July at NYUs department of psychology and Emotional Brain Institute.

A new B-REAL Paper in AP&P: Congrats to Ant, Roger and Stef!

Congrats to Ant, Roger and Stef for publishing their work in Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics!

Harris, A.M., Becker, S.I., & Remington, R.W. (in press). Capture by colour: Evidence for dimension-specific singleton capture. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics.

Congratulations to Dr James Retell for being awarded his PhD!

Big-time congratulations to James for being awarded his PhD in Cognitive Psychology. His thesis is entitled “Attentional Control: The role of task-expectations in determining attentional selection” and got some stellar reviews. Excellent work, James!