Dustin Venini

MPhil Student.

Email: d.venini@uq.edu.au


School of Psychology
McElwain Building
The University of Queensland
St Lucia, QLD 4072

Research topic: Sensory Substitution: Device development and object localisation ability in the visually impaired.

Current research assistant work: I started a project with Professor Srinivasan and Julia Groening at QBI working with honey bees at the beginning of this year. (Lab link)

Research assistant topics: Relational theory of attention, predictive remapping, remapped crowding, saccade trajectory analysis, eye movements (currently exploring “centre of gravity” fixations), novel applications of external sensory devices (Kinect, etc), computer vision.


Bachelor of Science: Psychology. University of Queensland. 2014

Peer Reviewed Papers

Retell, J. D., Venini, D., & Becker, S. I. (2015). Oculomotor Capture by New and Unannounced Color Singletons During Visual Search. Attention, Perception, and Psychophysics. (Link)

Venini, D., Remington, R. W., Horstmann, G., & Becker, S. I. (2014). Centre-of- Gravity Fixations in Visual Search: When Looking at Nothing Helps to Find Something. Journal of Ophthalmology. (link)

Becker, S. I., Harris, A. M., Venini, D., & Retell, J. D. (2014). Visual Search for Colour and Shape: When is the Gaze Guided by Feature Relationships, when by Feature Values? Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance. (link)

Becker, S.I., Retell, J.D., Venini, D., & Wolfe, J.M. (in preparation). Mirror Blindness.

Conference Abstracts

Retell, J. D., Venini, D., & Becker, S. I. (2015). Oculomotor capture by the unexpected: exploring the temporal profile of surprise in visual search. The 15th Annual Meeting of the Vision Sciences Society. St Pete Beach, Florida: 15-20 May.

Becker, S.I., Venini, D., Retell, J.D., Wardhani, I., & Wolfe, J.M (2015) Mirror blindness in visual search for unfamiliar shapes and faces. European Conference on Eye Movements. Vienna, Austria: 16-21 August.

Becker, S.I., Retell, J.D., Venini, D., & Wolfe, J.M (2014) Mirror blindness: Our failure to recognize the target in search for mirror-reversed shapes. Proceedings of the 41st Australian Experimental Psychology Conference. Brisbane, Australia: 23-26 April.

Venini, D., & Becker, S. I. (2013) When looking at nothing is something: Exploring centre of gravity fixations. Proceedings of the 40th Australian Experimental Psychology Conference. Adelaide, Australia: 3-6 April.


Data collection acknowledged in:

Harrison, W. J., Retell, J. D., Remington, R. W., & Mattingley, J. B. (2013). Visual Crowding at a Distance during Predictive Remapping. Current Biology, 23(9), 793-798. (link)

Awards and Grants

-UQ Advantage grant (2013).
-EPC 2013 student travel award.